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At Ki of Life Healing, we create a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for clients to achieve their goals and dreams by "unpacking" issues and burdens that are holding them back in order to become "unstuck". These may be painful memories of the past, fears, insecurities or limiting beliefs. With compassion and non-judgment, we guide clients to understand, release and process these situations to achieve more clarity, inner peace, and harmony. We also empower them with life skills to manage everyday stress, as well as techniques to maintain consistency and commitment to daily practice, which makes these healing processes more beneficial.
Learning how to detach from the "drama" of life and release fears of the past or future brings awareness, gratitude, love, and acceptance to every moment of every day. Mindfulness is key to becoming the best version of ourselves in order to live our best life. With this comes more confidence and self-worth, better personal and professional relationships, and balance of mind-body-spirit for ultimate wellness.

Healing Sessions

A healing session at Ki of Life may include one or more of the following, depending on the needs of the client:

  • Reiki
  • Chakra balancing
  • Regression and Inner child processes
  • Healing massage (head, hands, feet, back)
  • Card readings for guidance (no predictions)
  • Tibetan singing bowls (sound healing)
  • Use of crystals to enhance healing
  • Crystal light body/Merkaba and DNA activations
  • We also facilitate the following:

  • Chakra workshops
  • Monthly guided visualisation and meditation groups
  • Emotional support during fertility treatments
  • Preparation for hospital procedures, especially oncology-related
  • Support for students during exams
  • Yoga for children coming soon.

Sabita Maharaj

Sabita Maharaj  

Sabita has been a Reiki Master, lightworker, complementary health therapist and a healing facilitator for more than 30 years. During this time she treated clients, conducted many self-healing workshops and worked in Hospice, mainly in the area of terminal care. Her journey with cancer and insights gained along the way is shared, to help anyone experiencing this today. It is her wish that Boundless Love is used as a handbook for self-healing, self-love and nurturing; towards a life of love, peace and endless fulfillment.


Sarisha Maharaj

Sarisha has always been passionate about making a difference and enhancing the lives of individuals. This led her to her first career as a qualified health science professional with a degree in Optometry. After 6 years of practising, when life began to guide her in a different direction, she made a career change and began to pursue the path of complementary healing. It was then that her real life purpose began to unfold through "inner vision" and "insight".
For the past 17 years Sarisha has been been studying and practising various complementary healing therapies. She has attended courses and workshops in Reiki; Reflexology and Language of the Feet; Hot Stone Massage; Indian Head Massage; Kabbalah for personal growth; Basic Counselling; Hypnotherapy; Life-Coaching; Tarot and Psychic Development; Crystal Light Body/Merkaba and DNA Activations; and Yoga for children. In her own unique way, she applies this extensive knowledge and vast experience to assist clients overcome the challenges of life and to live a more fulfilled life.
She also has a special interest in providing emotional support to individuals and families dealing with fertility and oncology-related challenges. From her own personal experience and healing journey, she is able to help and guide her clients with empathy and deep understanding.
Sarisha helps clients to "see life more clearly" through her individual consultations and workshops for personal growth and development. Her current areas of focus are intuitive healing, holistic counselling and coaching.

Intuitive Healer Sarisha Maharaj

Boundless Love - A journey into your own heart towards pure unconditional love.

Author: Sabitha Maharaj

Boundless Love is a self-help book that offers important tools and techniques to cope with the stresses of a modern lifestyle. It provides a wealth of information on different approaches to healing and wellbeing. Reiki, chakras, crystals, meditation, aromatherapy oils, massage, angelic beings, as well as dealing with illness and loss are explained. It will appeal to those who are both beginners and advanced in the field of healing and spirituality.
You are your greatest healer; so applying the information in the book will guide you within, into your own heart and unconditional love. This locally authored inspirational book has been endorsed by two well-known medical professionals, Professor Carol Benn (a leading breast cancer surgeon) and Dr Patricia Okeyo (obstetrician/gynaecologist)  who believe it will help many people on their healing path. HOW TO OBTAIN BOOK

Sarisha’s healing ability, experience, knowledge, and techniques have grown over the 15 years that I know her to include an integrated approach that is tailored to her client’s needs. It’s a peaceful, noninvasive experience that calms me and gives me the courage and confidence to tackle my own issues and challenges. It ís an amazing experience that I would highly recommend. A heartfelt thank you Sarisha.

After the loss of a loved one, I was consumed by so much grief & pain. I was in a bad space & could not move forward in my life. I was referred to Sarisha by a friend for healing, after a few sessions, I found so much more peace & became emotionally more in control of my situation & feelings. I felt stronger & vibrant again. Sarisha has been truly Godsend in my path of healing & I am blessed to have her on my journey.

Sarisha is one of the most amazing people you will meet and time with her will change your life. She became my spiritual mentor and has guided me along a path that has made me better in both my personal and business life. Her energy, her dedication, and her advice has helped me slowly become the person I always wanted to be.

I heard about Sarisha through a friend. I just made the biggest decision of my life – to start a business. As anyone can imagine I was faced with a flood of unfamiliar challenges. Sarisha enabled me to bounce. By working with Sarisha I was able to find a new set point in my happiness and consciousness. I am truly blessed to have had her help me on my journey. Thank you.

I had a wonderful session with Sarisha in March 2018. She just knew what to do for me and helped me shift when I needed it. Her loving soft and kind nature makes her a pleasure to be around. I can highly recommend Sarisha for her light work. You are in good hands. Blessings for the work that you do. Working so beautifully from the heart. Love and light from a fellow lightworker.

Sabita, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I know that I was meant to meet you for a reason. Thank You for taking the time to meet me and to help me. I am already feeling a lot better and feeling at peace. Take Care and Thank You.

Thank you Sabita, I forgot to say I felt so energized after yesterday and more solid in my being. Thank you is not enough.

My sessions with Sarisha have, in a short space of time, proven beneficial. She has a great understanding of the pressures and difficulties of being in school and is able to provide suitable coping mechanisms. She creates a healthy, warm and safe environment for her students or clients to express their concerns and embark on a journey to heal. She is dedicated to ensuring that after each session, one feels more confident in their journey to heal and takes the time to follow up on her clients, being open to providing help at any time. Engaging in workshops and sessions will most certainly be beneficial and successful!

As a 13-year-old girl, having a woman like Sarisha to talk to really makes me feel comfortable with my emotions. I am able to tell her anything because I know that she will be accepting of any of my opinions. Sarisha’s calm attitude also makes it easier for me to talk to her. She guides me through peaceful meditations and I am able to totally ‘zone out’ from my busy everyday life. Sarisha helps me deal with my emotions peacefully, while really connecting with me, not as a patient but as a trustworthy friend. Having someone like her or Sabita helped me to be accepting of my feelings and find true peace within myself.

Sarisha has given me valuable tools to cope and manage life, as well as allowing me to experience a truly enlightening experience in our sessions. Sarisha’s sessions have given me the ability to ground both my mind and my energy, making me more productive and giving me the ability to achieve my goals more efficiently. Our sessions have brought clarity and healing into my life.

I think that these sessions so far have been more than beneficial. After the first session, I could immediately see a difference. Sarisha is really caring and also always listens to what you have to say. I would highly recommend it, it can help anyone and everyone.

Congratulations on a successful launch of your beautiful book ‘Boundless Love’ . The book itself is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. You and Sarisha have put many hours of spirit-filled enthusiasm into the final product. I was thinking that when somebody receives your book and they are needing support, just the fact that they are holding something so beautiful will already boost their morale and help them on their journey. Wishing you much joy in the marketing and further launches of your inspiring ‘Boundless Love’.

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